Somebody Blew Up Baton Rouge: Baraka, Boosie, Adam Dollar$ and A New Blues Narrative

We want live words of the hip world live flesh & coursing blood.

– “Black Art” Amiri Baraka

Swamp Water by Jean Renoir

There’s a need for a different sound. The narrative of Louisiana hip hop has been stagnant, an ouroboros of reruns. Our ears and tongues need a voice mud rusten and cannibalistic in hunger.

Outta this need, we find a new dialect crawling outta the black lagoons and rural ruins of Baton Rouge. Aggressive, intelligent and unapologetically black, here’s a rough draft to a hymnal pledge of disobedience for our unborns from our ancestors, via Adam Dollar$

We want “poems that kill.” Assassin poems, Poems that shoot guns. Poems that wrestle cops into alleys and take their weapons leaving them dead with tongues pulled out.

boosieAdam Dollar$’  new track “Spark it Off” was released the same day as prince Boosie mascot of Holly Rouge’s interview where he condemns the black race.

“I just feel like African-American is the worst race in the world because first of all we kill each other,” explained Boosie. “People always talking all this racist stuff but the white man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a chopper [gun], the white man ain’t tryna take rims off your car … we doing this to each other. So how can you say ‘F the white man?’ He ain’t doing nothing but –– when you get in trouble –– doing his job. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Boosie, Adam, and I reign from the same town where a police officer was recently caught texting their desire to “pull a Ferguson on niggers.” This incident comes weeks after an autopsy showed Louisiana police lied about a black man shooting himself in the backseat of a police cruiser. The report found he was shot in the chest, while handcuffed.

They told me Do the Right Thing but if I start the motherfuckin’ revolution then I’m Buggin Out. – Adam Dollar$


We need art that rejects respectability politics attempt to deodorize the souls of black folk with theories about the “new black”. Art that smuggles messages from our history through the present and into the future, while the other side thinks it’s just music. Our protests, politics, art and all other survival tactics have to become more drastic in form and content. An army of artists of any medium who’ll talk that shit  when others are lacking. Til then it’s “fuck them local motherfuckers that you listen to.” The south (still) got something to say.

Happy Belated Born Day to the god Amiri Baraka. Peace to 18 yr old unarmed Vonderrick Myer fatally shot 16 times by an off  duty police officer 12 hours before this was written.. And peace to the god Adam Dollars

– From savage, with love
Kinfolk Collective is a tribe of writers, diviners, druids, afro futurists, teachers, filmmakers musicians, shamans, actors, etc…a clan of talented nobodies fiercely devoted to shaping the future by rewriting the present. Ask your local faith healer or astrophysicist if kinfolk is right for you. 
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