The Legend of Kinfolk

*note: the following is only to be read to the tune of “Return of the ‘G’” by Outkast.

kinfolk: noun. A person’s blood relations, regarded collectively

Conceived in the murky swamps of Southern Louisiana and the fertile cotton fields of Arkansas, gestated under the gloomy skies of London and the white sands of Cannes, Kinfolk Collective was birthed inside a smoke filled hookah lounge deep in the concrete tundra of Chicago.

We are a collective of filmmakers with a passion for telling personal narratives that transcend cultural borders.  At Kinfolk we practice next level aesthetic manuevers.  Cinematic crane kicks. In future posts, you will gain insight into our process and thoughts. We will feature updates, lessons we learn, and informal film criticism amongst other haphazard brain droppings.

At Kinfolk, we don’t view people as commodities or as resources to exploit. We view them as family we welcome to our cinematic porch to join us as we exchange otherwise untold narratives. We see ourselves as poet laureates of the lowlives and the underrepresented.  We’re all kinfolk. Our collaborators are our kinfolk. You, the audience, are our Kinfolk. We share universal experiences that tie us all together.


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